Tuesday Spring Series : GP14 'All' helm - GP14 'Bronze' helm - Laser Last updated: 9th June 2015

Saturday Spring Series : GP14 'All' helm - GP14 'Bronze' helm - Laser Last updated: 6th June 2015


Race Results and Reports

We race every Saturday from 1pm, right through the year – even in the cold Winter Series! Sailors of all ages and ability race on the Harp – and it’s completely free for members – so if you want to get involved, ask one of our trainers for more information.

We race on Tuesday evening from 6:45pm from April to September.

See the Calendar for the correct start time on the day.


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Novice Race Series 2014

GP14 Novice crew   GP14 Novice helm

2015 Results

Winter Saturday Series Results: GP14 'All' helm - GP14 'Bronze' helm - Laser

Spring Tuesday 2014 Series Winners

1st Roger Walton Norm Brown
2nd Mark Wolf Helen Allen
3rd Andy Wadsworth Andy Shrimpton
1st Peter Kay Ian Conway
2nd Peter Law Seamus O'Connell
3rd Lesley Kaye Lydia Evans
1st Jamie Isles Ruslan Scutelnic
2nd Andy Shrimpton Andy Wadsworth
3rd Doug Horsburgh Hugo Hodge
1st Mahmood Shamsuddin

Spring Saturday 2014 Series Winners

1st Mark Wolf Helen Allen
2nd Craig Sanderson Brian Garrard
3rd Steve Cooper Daniel Mateus
1st Jim Dimond Sophie Blanchard
2nd Daniel Mateus Steve Cooper
3rd Martin Hime Mahmood Shamsuddin
1st Yvon Kalmeijer Roger Walton
2nd Andy Shrimpton Andy Wadsworth
3rd Chris Dewberry Chris Lomax
1st Lincoln Rivers
2nd Gareth Wilson
3rd Mahmood Shamsuddin

2014 Series results

Summer Tuesday 2014 Series Results: GP14 'All' helm GP14 'Bronze' helm Laser

Summer Saturday 2014 Series Results: GP14 'All' helm - GP14 'Bronze' helm  - Laser

Victor GP14 Open 2014 Saturday 5 July 2-14

Laser Open 2014                        Saturday 21 June

Commodore's Tuesday Cup 2014 Results 2/2 4 races over 2 Tuesdays (17 & 24 June) (NOR)

Spring Tuesday 2014 Series Results: GP14 'All' helmGP14 'Bronze' helm  -  Laser

Spring Saturday 2014 Series Results:                     GP14 'All' helm -  GP14 'Bronze' helm - Laser

Venetian GP14 Open 2014  Saturday 12 April 2014

Winter Saturday 2013-14 Series results: GP14 'All' helm GP14 'Bronze' helm  Laser


For results of earlier series please see:

BTYC Sailsports - Race Results

Seahorse Sailing Club - Race Results

  • Venetian Trophy 2021

    GP 14 Southern Travellers Series   Venetian Trophy Welsh harp sailing Club. 26th- June 2021 Report:  Steve Cooper  Photos: Luke Howard Two travelling boats from Frensham Pond SC joined the fleet of 15 from WHSC.  At 10.am the gentle breeze was all of the...

  • 2020 Victor Trophy

      WHSC Victor Trophy  Saturday 24 October  2020 Part of the GP14 Southern Travellers Series Report by Gareth Wilson ________________________________________ Wind: SSW - 15 gusting 25/30 Race 1:   Course: 4P, 6P, 3P, 2S, 1S, 8P, 7P Races 2, 3 and 4:  Course:...

  • Race Report 9th January

    Race Report  9th Jan   17 GPs , 6/7 lasers. A short start line pin end bias,short beat to the first mark,hook round mark,shifty force 3 and a good turn-out. Insurance up to date?  Like parkland ducks scrambling for a chunk of mothers pride, crews...

  • Race Report. 25th, 26th Dec, 2nd January

    Race Report.  25th 26th Dec,  2nd  January   Christmas A fleet is defined as a group of ships sailing together. So, by definition there was a fleet sailing at the harp on both Christmas day and Boxing day. Boxing day in particular saw a cracking south...

  • Race Report 21 November 2015

    Racing against Barney - what storm? A forecast of 40 knot gusts saw the London University's students choosing to stay in bed and discouraged most of the WHSC fleet.  Five GPs and three lasers had the Harp to themselves and as usually happens, a breeze  that's...

  • Race Report 28 November 2015

    The vanishing fleet - high wind vs great cakes? Saturday’s statistics indicate a strong correlation between increasing wind speed and decreasing fleet size. Or maybe the cakes were a bit special.    17 GPs  start the first race 12 finished. 5 start the...

  • Race Report 12 December 2015

    Blow the winds southerly (well, south westerly) Wind 12-15 knots   36 knot gusts recorded!!!  ‘I didn’t really have to do very much’. Race One winner A. Wadsworth modestly sums up his performance.   So what did not very much add up to?   Top start; while...

  • Race Report 19 December 2015

    Gentle Breeze,Tricky Course  Whilst some were being transported to a galaxy far far away, 5 Lasers and 10 GP's lined up to explore more familiar, terrestrial territory.  The force was not quite with them though, shifting either side of 10 knots...

  • Autumn Trophy Report 7 November 2015

    Blowing a hooly, having a blast! Variously known as the (BTYC) Commodores Cup, Bonfire Cup and the newly christened Autumn Trophy the hardy souls that turned up for the Autumn open stared over the dam wall with some trepidation.  Forecasts for gusts of...

  • Race Report 14 November 2015

    Abigail was kind, but watch out for Barney!   Abigail !  Now that we have names for storms, we will take more notice of forecasts and be better prepared. If you turn up to sail and your boat is in the car-park Abigail might be responsible but it’s...

  • Rollup Racing Report - 19 Sep

    Rollup  Racing Report   Saturday 19 September   Click here for more photos Roll Up, Roll Up! 17 GP14s took part in the Roll Up racing on September 19th, an event where new members could get a taste of racing by being paired up with a willing helm.  Four...

  • Rollup Racing Report - 26 Sep

    Rollup  Racing Report   Saturday 26 September   Click here for more photos More Rollup racing September 26 2015 Another lovely afternoon’s sunshine and a real buzz around the clubhouse while people were sorted out in helm-crew combinations for the...

  • GP14 Open Victor Trophy Report

    Victor Trophy Welsh Harp Sailing Club,  July 4 Race Officer Frank, a former winner of the trophy, organised the event well – wind force 3 to 4 but gusty and a little directionally variable; temperature: shorts, tee-shirts and scorchio. Wind was...

  • Race Results & Reports Archive

    WHSC RACING RESULTS ARCHIVE From the present to way back.  Click link for >>> Venetian Trophy - Commodores Cup - Non Series Races Saturday & Tuesday Series Race Results 2021 Spring Tuesday Series Winners - Full results:  Laser - GP14 All Helm - GP14...

  • Race Results & Reports

    Current Series Results  2021 Saturday Summer Series - Laser - GP14 All Helm - GP14 Bronze Helm 2021 Tuesday Summer series -  Laser - GP14 All Helm - GP14 Bronze Helm Saturday and Tuesday Results - Completed...

  • Race Report - Tuesday 5 May 2015 - VERY WINDY

      The windometer showed more than 40 knots at lunchtime, and the forecasts offered windspeeds as low as 20 to gusts of 45 for the Tuesday evening race.   Half a dozen enthusiastic spectators gathered in and around the clubhouse, 6 got ready to do their...

  • Race Report - GP14 Southern Area Championships

    2 & 3 May Chichester Yacht Club played host to two fantastic days of sailing.  A really friendly club on the chichester channel.  The excellent OOD and team had a tricky job of running 3 races back to back each day to beat the tide so our sailing...

  • Race Report - 28 march 2015

    Despite a lot of wind and massive gusts, we had 11 GP14s and 3 Lasers on the water on Saturday. An interesting day (to say the least)….

  • Race Report - Sat 28-Feb-15

    Race Report - Saturday 28 Feb 2015 The last races of the 2014/2015 Winter Series promised to be interesting. We had Force 3 winds from the South East, with gusts of Force 5 at times. Although there were periodic wind shifts, the prevailing wind...

  • Race Report - Sat 7 Feb 2015

    Race Report Saturday 7th February 15   The day started with Rodger's morning training, assisted by Mark and Alain, a few tacks and sprinkling of  gybes and some well received guidances, tips and help. Video next Saturday at 11. Thank you to Rodger,...

  • Race Report - Sat 14 Feb 2015

    Race Report Saturday 14th February 2015 Winter Saturday Series Results:      GP14 'All' helm  GP14 'Bronze' helm - Laser    Last updated: 15th February 2015 With a medium easterly wind, Richard and Fred set a figure of eight 6521.  Ruslan and Jamie got off to...

  • Race Report - Sat 15 Nov 2014

    Race Report - Saturday 15 November 2014 Saturday was quite a bit different from the weekends which have been having in November. In contrast to the previous weekends, this was two or three knots of wind.  There was a training course for the RS Fevas...

  • Tollesbury GP14 Open - Sat 30 Aug

      Thank you for helping to make this year’s Tollesbury SC GP14 Open another success. After a wait for enough tide to launch, people seemed really keen to get going, so much so that half the fleet was over the line at the start, resulting in a general...

  • Race Report - Sat 19 July

    Race Report - Saturday 19 July Looking at the weather reports before Saturday, it looked like there was a serious risk of thunderstorms. We were also concerned that they might either be no wind at all or too much to run a race.  In the end we had a...

  • Race Report - Sat 8 Nov 2014

    Race Report - Saturday 8 Nov 2014 11 GP14 teams and one Laser (Wiebe) braved a grey day with winds forecast up to 35 knots. Although they did not achieve their full potential, the gusts caused at least 6 capsizes. These were mostly spread around...

  • Leigh On Sea GP14 Open - Sat 12 Jul

    Much more wind than expected. Only 1 boat from WHSC. Richard Lord & Norman Brown take 2nd place  

  • Race Report - Tue 15 July

    Race report:  Tuesday. 15th April 2014 The initial reports suggested that this would be a very quiet day. At one time we even wondered if we would have a race at all.The fleet for the first race consisted off 11 GP14 and one laser.The officer of the...

  • Race Report - Tue 22 July

    Race report:  Tuesday. 22 July 2014 It was an evening filled with strange events.... There were mysterious boats. Even the race results disappeared at one time. And Brian Marks & Graham Marks sailed BETWEEN a boat and its spinnaker without getting...

  • GP14 Victor Trophy - Sat 5 Jul

    A successful GP14 Victor Open On the 5th of July we held the annual GP14 Victor Open meeting. In total we had 18 GP14s out on the water. 

  • Laser Open (21-6-2014)

    Thames Valley Circuit Laser Open Difficult sailing conditions on the Saturday Laser Open... 

  • Saturday's Race Report (21-6-2014)

    Difficult light wind sailing conditions on Saturday morning

  • Saturday's Race Report (14-6-2014)

    A great day for sailing - not for doing Safety!

  • Brent Regatta 2014 - Sat 31 May

     Brent Regatta 2014 Sat 31 May Supported by the all the clubs & trophies presented by the Mayor of Brent

  • Race Report - Sat 25 May

    Race Report - Sat 25 May An interesting day at the Harp…

  • Papercourt Open - Sun 27 Apr

    Papercourt Open Meeting 27 April 2014 This was sailed on Sunday 27 April in a light and fluctuating breeze, which fortunately was never quite reduced to a drifter. Papercourt made the fleet, which just failed to make double figures, most welcome...

  • Race Report - Sat 26 Apr

    Race Report  - Sat 26 April A quite windy day with loads of capsizes…

  • Race Report - Sat 19 Apr

    Race Report - Sat 19 Apr A great day for sailing races. Cloudy/sunny with some good Easterly wind which caused a couple of capsizes in both the Laser and the GP14 fleet.

  • Race Report - Tue 15 Apr

    Race Report - Tue 15 Apr This was my first event as OOD. Luckily Roger was wonderful. I discussed the course with him before starting. I had managed to work out that with a SE wind the start line could be between 1 and 4 and a course of 4, 3, 6, 5,...

  • Race Report - Venetian 2014

    Race Report - Venetian Trophy 2014 The GP14 Southern series for 2014 kicked off with a wonderful sunny and reasonably windy day at the Welsh Harp. 25 boats participated including representatives from Papercourt, Tollebury, Poole and Wembley. With a...

  • Race Report - Tue 8 Apr

    Race Report - Tue 8 Apr A calm force 1 (gusting 2) consistent westerly wind heralded a pleasant single race this Tuesday. There were seven GP14 dinghy at the start line (no Lasers this evening). The initial beat to No 1 mark was followed by a...

  • Race Report - Sat 5 Apr

    Race Report - Sat 5 Apr Dear Sailors, It was an exciting day but being in a small laser fleet I missed most of the action that happened in the GP14 fleet. There were a couple of capsizes as the wind was stronger than predicted, but still very well...

  • Race Report - Tue 1 Apr

    Race Report - Tue 1 Apr Everyone who did not come or decided not to venture out onto the water missed a very pleasant evening's sail. OK there wasn't much wind, which was a nice change after the previous two Saturdays, but there was enough to fill a...

  • Race Report: VENETIAN 2015

    Race Report from the  GP14 Venetian Trophy Open Event - Saturday 11 April Hosted by the Welsh Harp Sailing Club

  • Race Report - Sat 8 Mar

    Racing Report – Sat 8 Mar It was definitely the start of spring. See the WHSC Facebook page for some great photos. Thanks Luke.  

  • Race Report - Sat 22 Feb

    Race Report - Sat 22 Feb The last day of the winter series and we had some sailable weather (both races were sailed!). A good breeze and some sun shine. What else do we want? Roger as OOD set out some good courses (1-2-5-8 and 1-2-5-6) where the...

  • Race Report - Sat 18 Jan

    Race Report - Sat 18 Jan See Photos on Facebook Dear Sailors,   It was predicted to be a day with quite a bit of wind. There was wind, but most of it on the Western side of the Harp. Weird. The wind was also quite shifty which made it interesting....

  • Race Report - Sat 8 Feb 2014