Children’s sailing

We never fail to be amazed by the speed at which children pick up sailing. Come and learn to sail from the age of 8 up.

Older children can come and learn to sail in GP14s on a Thursday evenings in the summer.

All children can learn to sail with Harp Young Sailors (HYS) during school holidays and on Sunday afternoons.


Click here for details of HYS Children's Summer Sailing Courses

Come along on a Thursday evening about 6pm from April to September and have a Taster. Children can go out with a parent or guardian and an instructor in a GP14 and be able to see the smaller boats they can learn to sail in with HYS.

Once instructors and parents are confident their children can sail well enough they will be able to practice sailing on Thursday evenings.




There are plenty of club boats for children to learn in: Oppies (shown above), Toppers (shown below), Picos and HYS has just bought some RS Teras and RS Fevas



 As we are a voluntary (non-AALA registered club) parents or guardians are responsible for their children at all times and one of them must be present when their children are at the Club.

After the second taster session, both child and parent must become members of WHSC – as part of a Family membership or as a Junior with a sailing or non-sailing membership for the parent or guardian.




Windsurfing training for children


Young members can learn to windsurf with a parent or guardian present.

The absolute minimum age for windsurfing is 10 years, it is also at the discretion of the instructor on duty; for young windsurfers we cannot guarantee they will be permitted to sail.

Come along for a taster on a Thursday about 6pm from April to September to find out whether you are big enough. We know you will enjoy it when you are!

We have a number of small rigs specifically designed for children







  • Children

    Children Children can come and learn to sail from age 8 up or learn to windsurf from age 10 up.